Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Do you give tips to a grown woman about her blowjob technique with out offending her? 

I've never really had this issue before but I feel like I do now.  I'm pretty sure if I say you're not doing that right it will offened her, yet it's counter productive to sit there.  It's not that it doesn't feel "nice" it's just not going to make me cum.  When her goal is to make me cum with her mouth and it's not happening then we have a problem.

Any tips? suggestions? offers?


  1. I would want to know, definitely. Maybe though, instead of coming out and telling me I'm crap at giving head you could instead suggest, while your cock is in my mouth, the things you might want me to do. Or, maybe find a movie that shows it being done the way you like and (without indicating this is the purpose) lets watch it together....

    Just a thought...

  2. Eh...send her out to other guys...that's how I learned....

  3. Mrs. R - Those are good suggestions. The one with me in your/her mouth has not worked so well in the past. I'll have to try the video approach. I'll have to see what I can find on pornhub.

    TooNormal - Well I'll just have to see what you've learned before trying that ;)

  4. I think you will have to tell her but subtly. Maybe saying things like "how about just sucking on the head a bit?" or "damn that feels good when you suck harder" stuff like that?