Thursday, April 22, 2010

In that kind of mood

Last night before bed I was *ahem* clicking around the internet and came across this video. I've been a little backed up lately, when that happens I tend to always want to be in control when I finally get to release. So that is what I liked the most about this video. His hand in her hair, him taking control of how he wanted it, her responding to it. Something about her eyes ... anyway I should stop writing about it before I have to make an alone time trip.



  1. God that was hot.
    I'm a guy and thought he had a nice cock.
    I am jealous--of his cock and that he got it sucked by her.

  2. I've been deep-throated twice in my life and I don't have 8 inches but the feeling is phenomenal. I see the video clip and my mind goes back to these couple of very HOT times.

  3. you like my cock? Thanks!

    ... just kidding. Sadly that is not me in the video.