Monday, May 24, 2010

Where do you go when you can't go home?

So moving to a new city has it's downfalls sometimes. Let me set the stage:

Red lights usually involved a honk to get us out of our make out session. A quick stop at an adult "book store" to pick up a paddle. Her hands rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. My hand could just no stay outside of her panties.

Sounds like we're going to go home a go at it pretty good right? Except we had house guests in a small apartment. I was all excited that my SO was wandering far outside her comfort zone already, I didn't think she would go for fucking in such close proximity to them.

This is the new city downfall, where to go? Granted, I had little blood left in my real head, but I couldn't think of good places to be secluded. Where we used to live there were parks all over the place, they were good spots to sneak away. Here we are not so lucky. Schools? Shopping malls? What works for you?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Checking in again

Sitting in a hotel alone is just terrible. I've been trying to be good, but I think it's a losing effort.

Anyone have any suggestion about how to get into some trouble in Northern Virginia?

IM me ( or porter_wright
Email Me.
Call Me.

I don't care.

Just help :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

It's like I work at the SEC

I actually took my cock out at work today.

It's a slow day today at work and so I've been using that time to catch up on everyone's posts. And I just couldn't help myself ... it just had to happen. I am kind of surprised myself today, for you that have talked to me "privately" at work I used to have my own office. Now I that I share one with others it's usually a lot of stroking through my pants. Which feels nice, but just wasn't getting it done. Hopefully everyone leaves, maybe I'll be able to finish.

This is your fault Linda Sue.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In that kind of mood

Last night before bed I was *ahem* clicking around the internet and came across this video. I've been a little backed up lately, when that happens I tend to always want to be in control when I finally get to release. So that is what I liked the most about this video. His hand in her hair, him taking control of how he wanted it, her responding to it. Something about her eyes ... anyway I should stop writing about it before I have to make an alone time trip.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Phone problem

Has anyone used Google Voice?

I bring it up, because it has been a nice aide for me in my efforts to be discreet. I have read a lot of blogs and posts from people about having a second phone or a "slut phone". I thought Google Voice might work for some of you in the same position. Not to mention even for the ladies, not sure about a guy or girl? Give him that number and if he turns out to be a weirdo you can make it so just that number goes straight to voice mail.

Friday, March 26, 2010

This and that

Is there anything that makes you want to do something naughty more than a business trip? Once your work day is over you're sitting there in a nice hotel all alone. Someone is going to clean up after you no questions asked even if there is a bed spread on the lamp, or all the accessories from the desk are pushed on the ground and there are liquid stain on the couch. Just makes you want to let loose. Sadly I don't know anyone an hour north east of our nations capital to let loose with.

Does anyone read Maitresse Rousse? I subscribed to her blog when it was public and never got around to reading it. But now it's private and I'm caught up and I want more ;)

I swear I had something else to talk about, but now I can't think of it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pet Project

I almost feel bad about having such a pedestrian fantasy ... but there is this cleaning girl at work you see. She is Latino (Hispanic, I think one is preferred and I'm not sure which), my guess would be 21 or so, speaks 10 words or so of English. The thing is, she has an excellent body for my tastes. Every day when she comes in I can't help but stop and let my mind wonder a bit. I almost feel used for the fact that this is probably central plot of 5000 porn video's on the internet. I feel so conformist. But then you start to think of the fun. You think she is just tall enough to fit over the desk, I bet she could fit under it and no one would know. Wouldn't it be fun to sneak off into the storage closet? Is she sticking her butt out like that just for me?? Of course she's probably not. I mean as much as I would like to think it, every woman sadly does not want me ;)

But just for fun if anyone has any tips I would love to hear them. Anyone know how to flirt in a different language?