Friday, March 26, 2010

This and that

Is there anything that makes you want to do something naughty more than a business trip? Once your work day is over you're sitting there in a nice hotel all alone. Someone is going to clean up after you no questions asked even if there is a bed spread on the lamp, or all the accessories from the desk are pushed on the ground and there are liquid stain on the couch. Just makes you want to let loose. Sadly I don't know anyone an hour north east of our nations capital to let loose with.

Does anyone read Maitresse Rousse? I subscribed to her blog when it was public and never got around to reading it. But now it's private and I'm caught up and I want more ;)

I swear I had something else to talk about, but now I can't think of it.


  1. Alone in a hotel room is a wasted opportunity, you summed up nicely why hotels can be such a damn libido driver.


  2. Haha, there is abosultely NOTHING in the world that can stir up the desire for trouble like being alone in a hotel room far from home :)