Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just for posterity

I know all the ladies who read this blog are classy and probably won't need this little bit of information, but I wanted to put it out there anyway.  Wearing not slutty clothes well is way better than going slutty.  My boner and I are writing this after having to sit through an hour and a half presentation by an impecably dressed sales rep.  She looks as if she has a good body but not an amazing one,  the way she presented it however was outstanding.  

She had the right sized bra for her that pushed up her normal sized boobs to the appropriate yummy level and then covered that by a well fitted jacket.  Here is the key, her skirt was maybe a half an inch shorter than it was designed to be.  It sat right above her knee which from the first row where I was sitting was just enough to make me wonder "is she wearing panties", "thong? bikini?" and "stop looking".  This was topped off by a nice pair of high heels.  Being a straight male I don't know anything about the details, but they were high enough to show off her leg but didn't scream stripper.  They made me think how they would look over my shoulders rather than working the pole.  

What made it extra sexy too is that no one would have looked at her and said wow what a slut, yet if she ended up in my office under my desk she would have been dressed for that as well.

So there you go folks, my tip to you ;)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Business Trip

Work is sending me down south this on a little bit of a silly trip this week.  I'm going to be gone for a grand total of 27 hours and about 12 of that is going to be spent in airports.  The only perk is that I am going to have a nice fancy pants suite downtown on a tourist attraction.  It is just screaming to be defiled by a hot and sweaty fling.  I've stayed in this hotel before and really I don't think they could build a porn set to be a better sexual play ground.  

Couches, counters, multiple beds, roof top jacuzzi, dual headed showers all available to use ... I just need to find someone to do it with.  I've been trying to lay a ground work via Craigslist and Yahoo but I don't have anyone ready to commit.  I just would hate to squander the fun.

If you're in Central Texas, enjoy hot and steamy trists with fun and attractive gentlemen ... drop me a line ;)

Friday, April 17, 2009

On Skirts

So nice weather strikes again.  

This morning I was walking minding my own business in the mall when I looked up to see a woman leaning against a cell phone counter wearing a short-ish skirt and probably 4 inch heels.  She didn't say it, or even need to but I could tell she wanted me to just lift up her skirt and take care of her.  Ok well maybe she didn't want me to but  in my head I was already all the way inside of her pulling her hips back into me.   Maybe I was already arching her back before I snapped out of it.  I'm pretty sure I had not reached up to stroke her hair.  Sadly I had to keep walking and continue about my business.  Sadly though this has little flash of sex has gotten me worked up all day.  My cock has been leaking precum and straining against my jeans for most of the day so far.  I'll admit that life has left me pretty backed up, but this has sent me over the edge.  I might have to take care of this before it leads to me hitting on the wrong person at work.  

I'll just have to see if I can find someone to help me with it.