Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I thought of this last night while watching Rachel Getting Married.

Bear with me here.

So Anne Hathaway is a recovering addict in that movie. She goes to a 12 step program meeting where she bears her soul to strangers in need of support. She goes home to help with her sisters wedding and the best man is from the 12 step meeting ... they need a fix so instead they bang in the basement. Sadly if any of you are thinking of using this for spank material there isn't enough of Anne Hathaway to do the job (not that I tried).

So anyway flash forward to today. I'm sitting here at work, large L shaped desk hiding my erection. I can't help thinking how nice it would be if one of the 4 or 5 women here at work that I would like to see under my desk were there. Then I couldn't help but think it would be easier if there was a way to identify another addict to sex. A handshake? a canned phrase? innocuous as not to offend none interested people. Wouldn't that be nice?


Sadly I'll probably just go home with slick boxers. I've given up on Craiglist here in my city, I've never really had any success with it. Scorpio should I just book a ticket? ;)


  1. I'm sex addict, and proud of it...... keep trying on Craigslist.. I got lucky and so can you!

  2. An offer? Hmmmm. You've picqued my interest!

  3. sometimes i am so horny at work, i want to scream: can SOMEBODY PLEASE JUST FUCK THE SHIT OUTTA ME??? so yes i wish there was a handshake or coined phrase to find someone to do it! though my lover is my broker, i am his assistant, and sometimes i text him and beg him to fuck me and he won't! too scared to get caught... *sigh...