Sunday, May 24, 2009

When did this happen?

When did the Seduction of Infidelity go private? I read all my stuff through Google Reader and I was behind on my reading so I didn't notice it.  I tried to click on one of her posts tonight only to find she had gone private.

It's so sad,  I love this blog it was like my gateway into sex blogging.  I found Ms. Is blog just randomly, you know how that works, and fell in love.  She said things the way I would have liked to.  She made the whole process of sharing you sex life with the world seem so doable.  I guess I probably wouldn't write anything if it wasn't for her.  Of course you and I are learning from this blog that sex blogs aren't as interesting when you don't have as much sex.   But she doesn't seem to have that problem, it's just sad that I don't get keep up with her any more.


  1. That is a drag! I just found out that her blog's gone private through your post, though I was planning on catching up later today, too....

  2. I know right. I guess if you read her last post it says that she's going to take her stuff down and scrub it and maybe put it back up. But it's still a bummer. First Christian Sings the Blues and now her. They were like my porn blogging couple.