Friday, May 29, 2009


So two posts ago when I was soliciting advice on blow jobs, Mrs. Robinson (are you still out there? Did you take your blog down??) suggested that I show her a video of how I like it. Knowing a good idea when I hear it, I set out to find the best blow job clip. I really didn't find ONE that was super complete to me. This one is the best start.

Things I like about it:
Her eye contact. Her lips. Her position, my favorite blow jobs come from her on her knees in between my legs. I don't know if it's my dom streak or what but I love it. L O V E IT. I also like that the dude has his hand in or around her hair. That's another plus for me.

Things I would change:
I just wish she'd take it deeper. In and out of her mouth and use her hand to help out.

I'll post more blow jobs that I like as I come across them ;)


  1. "I just wish she'd take it deeper. In and out of her mouth and use her hand to help out."
    I have to say I was wondering whether that was going to happen! And if not why then is this the BJ you most enjoyed watching, lol...
    Sorry, had to comment...I pride myself on my BJ technique. ;-) New to your blog although been following for a while, just thought I'd pop out of lurkdom and say HI.
    Reformed Slut

  2. I know! Like it took me forever to find one that did a lot of the things I liked. After all the porn I've watched I didn't think it would be that hard. I personally like it messy and deep, but that obviously wasn't it. But with everything else she was doing, if she would have done that I would have cum in like 4 minutes ;)

    Also I would love to know more about your blow job technique. From your posts I can only imagine that it is something to behold :D

  3. P.
    If I knew how to email you directly I would be glad to share more "detail" wtih you.