Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I don't know if you picked up on my love of hotel sex from earlier posts, but I love it. Something about the anonumity, the clean up, the new crisp environment to defile. I'm preparing to take another business trip I keep thinking of scenario's I like.

The one that pops up (excellent pun) the most is having my playmate in the room waiting for me. Depending on how aggressive of a mood I am in, sometimes she's on all fours with her ass in the air or sometimes she's on her knees. In the first scenario, I think about putting my bags down and taking my time to walk over to her. Her anticipating the touch that I am with holding. She can hear me position myself behind her but what till I do? Will I feel her body? paying special attention to her ass and legs ... soft skin beckoning me? Will I run my finger up and down her slit to feel how wet she is? Will she hear my undo my belt? Will she be ready for me if I just slip my cock into her? I like the submission in it, the wanton desire that she is just waiting there for me to take. The second scenario is similiar just maybe a little more playful. A long day of traveling greeted with an amazing reward.

Those would be nice right? Now I just have to find someone to wait for me ...

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